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August 18th, 2012


Sherwin, Randy George – August 12th, 1957 – August 18th, 2008

It was at some point in this hour of the day, 4 years ago that I learned you had passed away.

I can’t say “its hard to believe it’s been 4 years” because quite honestly it feels like it’s been 10 years since I’ve last spoken you.

I’m thinking of you every single day and making choices that I believe you would be proud of and support.

You are missed tremendously but never, ever forgotten.



Keeping you in my thoughts.


My recent blog post on my father’s birthday inspired me to create a place for thoughts that I would share with him. If you’ve ever lost someone you love, you’ll know how close you keep them in your heart and in your daily thoughts. My biggest fear is forgetting things about my dad, and one of the things that hurts the most is not being able to make any new memories with him, especially ones that would have included my two babies. So these blogs will be dedicated to my father’s memory, where my memories, thoughts and new experiences will be shared. Feel free to share the memories that you had with my father, if you knew him, or memories of anyone that you may have lost that was close to you.

Remembering my father.


Sherwin, Randy George – August 12th, 1957 – August 18th, 2008
I remember you just the way you were before you left our world.
Keeping your face fresh in my mind is something important to me everyday.

Keeping you close to my heart and always in my thoughts is something automatic.
3 years have gone by since I saw you, heard your voice and shared moments with you.
Walking me down the aisle.
Since you have passed, we have welcomed two babies into this world, Cole Randy & Kylee Jean, and I know you would be proud to hold them in your arms if you could.
Born: March 9, 2011 Born: April 11, 2011
Remembering you some days is the hardest thing to do because it reminds me that you are gone, but other times, those happy memories make me smile and laugh.
If I could see you again, I would make sure you know how glad I was that you were my dad, and how lucky our children would have been to have you as a grandfather.
Until we meet again, know that you are missed every single day.

Love always, Sara, Rob, Cole & Kylee

I remember…


I remember:
-The way you would pick up the phone and answer with a loud “Helllllo”?
-You almost never ever wore a shirt, even in the middle of winter.
-The scar on your cheek that one of your sisters gave you when she threw a glass plate at you.
-How your hair was starting to change to a nice shade of gray.
-When you went with my to pick up the first car I ever bought…it was Standard, and I had never drove Standard before, but you helped teach me.
-When you cried the day I left for University – I’d only ever seen you cry one or two other times before.
-I remember the day of my wedding and right before we were heading down the aisle, YOU were pacing up and down the hallway…I think you were more nervous than I was!
-I remember our Father/Daughter dance and how you kept telling me how proud you were of me.
-I remember that last time I saw you before you passed…Rob and I took you and his dad to the Jays game for your Fathers Day gift. That was a day I will never forget!
-I remember when I was a little girl and opened my first baseball glove from you on Christmas morning.
-I also remember playing catch with you in the back yard for the years to follow and I still have that very same glove.
-I remember watching all the cheesy Christmas movies with you.
-I remember all the great things today and other days too, but especially today.

Happy Birthday Dad! ❤