Remembering my father.


Sherwin, Randy George – August 12th, 1957 – August 18th, 2008
I remember you just the way you were before you left our world.
Keeping your face fresh in my mind is something important to me everyday.

Keeping you close to my heart and always in my thoughts is something automatic.
3 years have gone by since I saw you, heard your voice and shared moments with you.
Walking me down the aisle.
Since you have passed, we have welcomed two babies into this world, Cole Randy & Kylee Jean, and I know you would be proud to hold them in your arms if you could.
Born: March 9, 2011 Born: April 11, 2011
Remembering you some days is the hardest thing to do because it reminds me that you are gone, but other times, those happy memories make me smile and laugh.
If I could see you again, I would make sure you know how glad I was that you were my dad, and how lucky our children would have been to have you as a grandfather.
Until we meet again, know that you are missed every single day.

Love always, Sara, Rob, Cole & Kylee


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