I remember…


I remember:
-The way you would pick up the phone and answer with a loud “Helllllo”?
-You almost never ever wore a shirt, even in the middle of winter.
-The scar on your cheek that one of your sisters gave you when she threw a glass plate at you.
-How your hair was starting to change to a nice shade of gray.
-When you went with my to pick up the first car I ever bought…it was Standard, and I had never drove Standard before, but you helped teach me.
-When you cried the day I left for University – I’d only ever seen you cry one or two other times before.
-I remember the day of my wedding and right before we were heading down the aisle, YOU were pacing up and down the hallway…I think you were more nervous than I was!
-I remember our Father/Daughter dance and how you kept telling me how proud you were of me.
-I remember that last time I saw you before you passed…Rob and I took you and his dad to the Jays game for your Fathers Day gift. That was a day I will never forget!
-I remember when I was a little girl and opened my first baseball glove from you on Christmas morning.
-I also remember playing catch with you in the back yard for the years to follow and I still have that very same glove.
-I remember watching all the cheesy Christmas movies with you.
-I remember all the great things today and other days too, but especially today.

Happy Birthday Dad! ❤


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